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  • Drake Born

    Drake Born
    Born of Drake, named Aubrey Drake Graham
  • Drake First Song

    Drake First Song
    First song in 2010, with her album "Thank me Later" that reached # 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and topped the Billboard Rap songs charts with the song "Over."
  • Drake Hotline Bling

    Drake Hotline Bling
    In 2015 comes one of the songs that propels Drake to fame with Hotline Bling, which CURRENTLY continues to be his most listened to and famous song and not because of the song alone, but because of the famous meme that appeared in that song and so many people love it.

    In 2016, Drake acknowledges in an interview his hobbies such as basketball in addition to singing thanks to it, Drake and NBA reach an agreement for the rapper to record a song for the official NBA video game, which further propels him to fame .
  • Drake' S Son

    Drake' S Son
    Drake has his first son named Adonis Graham and he is currently 3 years old.
  • Drake Birthday

    Drake turns 30 years old, an age that he considers the best and says he still has many successes to take out and promote.
  • Drake X Bad Bunny

    Drake brings out one of the most listened to songs in which he participates and occupies a very good position in the charts. The problem was that bad bunny and Mia helped in that song and in the end it ended up being better known by bad bunny.
  • Drake X Travis Scott

    Drake begins a song with Travis Scott that to be honest has been heard more in 2020 than in all of 2018 and 2019 together thanks to Travis's collaboration with Fortnite, so the visits grows. Highest in the room is actually one of the bests songs of Travis Scott.
  • God' s Plan

    Drake manages to get out of a jam in the most spectacular way possible with his song "God 's Plan" which CURRENTLY continues to be a very, very famous hit song.
  • Haters

    Drake is going through a rough patch as two songs he releases are not very supported and are highly criticized by haters from other countries.
  • Rest for Drake

    In 2019 drake takes a little break taking some of his videos and documentaries, such as the rap radar that is on his channel, but nobody leaves him out of the way because he did take one or two songs.
  • Toosie Slide

    Drake enters 2020 with force and releases, in my opinion, his best song along with that of travis scott and that of god's plan. His song titled "Toosie Slide" reaches records and maximum popularity.
  • Covid-19

    With the global pandemic, Drake continues and continues to record songs from home, and people suspecting that he was breaking the confinement law accused him but Drake denied that and took the video clip of one of the 100% homemade songs, in which the sung from home.

    Drake announces a NEW collaboration with the NBA, or at least his game, 2k20.
  • First WorldTour

    CURRENTLY, drake continues to think about new successes, and plans his first WORLD tour that will start in April 2021 and end in March 2022, with rests, of course