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Donald Trump


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  • Birth of Trump

    Birth of Trump
    Trump was born on June 14, 1946 and is 69 years old, he was born in queens New York. He is one of 5 children.
  • School Life

    School Life
    When Donad Trump was 13 his parents sent him to a millitary school. He did well in the school both socially and academically. He was also rising to be a star athlete and student leader by the time he graduated in 1964.
  • U.S justice DEP. sues

    U.S justice DEP. sues
    U.S justice DEP sues the trump ORG. for violation of the fair housing act.
  • Married

    Trump married Ivana Winklmayr.
  • Trump jr.

    Trump jr.
    Donald Trumps son Donald john Trump jr was born.
  • Ivanka Trump is born

    Ivanka Trump is born
    Ivanka Trump was born
  • Eric was born

    Eric was born
    Eric Trump was born.
  • Devorce

    trump Separates from Ivana.
  • Birth of tiffany

    Birth of tiffany
    Tiffany Trump was born
  • Remarries

    Trump marries Marla.
  • Miss Universe

    Miss Universe
    Trump buys the Miss Universe Orgenization.
  • Divorce

    Trump and Marla go there separate ways.
  • simpsons

    The Simpsons air "Bart in time" were donald trump is president.
  • Trump University

    Trump University
    Trump university is opened and is also shut down soon after due to lawsuits.
  • Barron Trump

    Barron Trump
    Barron Trump was born
  • Hollywood

    Trump gets a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood
  • birth certificate

    birth certificate
    Offers Barack Obama 5 million for realeasing his birth certificate
  • Trump Rezorts

    Trump Rezorts
    Trump sues Trump Entertainment rezorts for "not being up to his standards".
  • Make America Great again

    Make America Great again
    Trump runs for president, and gives his speetch for " Make America Great Again"
  • NBC

    NBC stops working with Trump due to his immigration remarks.