Don Shula

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  • Place of birth

    Don shulas birthplace is Grand River, Ohio
  • Period: to


  • Negotiator

    Don Traded to Colts as part of a 15-player deal. Shula signs with Baltimore for $6,500.
  • Staffing

    Don started bu coaching under a head coach that helped him with the training.
  • Technical

    Don puts running back Tom Matte in at quarterback in place of the injured Gary Cuozzo, who had been subbing for John Unitas. with this change the Colts beat the Rams 20-17 to make the playoffs.
  • Organizing

    Don shula signs a five year contract. That means he is organized because he already has something in plan for five years.
  • Planning

    Don shula Shula aquires Earl Morrall from the Giants. Morrall replaces Unitas and leads Baltimore to its best season ever. His planning in switching the players led him and his team to the best season ever.
  • Awards

    Don was a NFL Championship winner.
  • Leading

    Don led his team to two super bowl victories and to the national football leagues only perfect season
  • Award

    He is a five time AFC championship winner.
  • Leader

    Don led the miami dolphins to an unbeatable season. That shows leadership because he is the one who led them to win and make the plans on how to win.
  • Controlling

    Don changed his coaching strategy. It was a run-first offensive strategy and a dominating defense.
  • Events

    He is the most supper bowl apperance head coach. He also had the most season wins. He is a divison title winner.
  • Entrepreneur

    After Dons career he opend a few steakhouse in retirement. It opened up in miami lakes Florida.
  • Figurehead

    Don was seen as a a figurehead to many people. He openend the restuarant and he won many games and is also known as one of the winningest coaches in the NFL history.
  • Spokesperson

    Don shula was named as a spokesperson for the NutriSystem Silver after his amazing football career.
  • Resource Allocator

    Don Shula was named vice chairman of the Dolphins. This is resource allocator because now he can make decisions like prepare budgets and set schedules.
  • Human Relations

    Don Shula is elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is human relation because the people elected him to be it becauuse he was a good coach and had the ability to work in a cooperation.