Dj set

  • Phonograph

    Leon Scott invented the first music player to record sound but could not playback sound so made it somewhat little useful.
  • Disc Jockey

    Disc Jockey
    Ray Newby became the first "Disc Jockey" and played music over radio with vinyls.
  • Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile
    Jimmy Savile was the first person to buy and use a twin DJ set. He made a show for it and was the first to spin Jazz records and continously play with them.
  • Turntabilism

    Turntabilism was created, also known as the time when new-aged dj equipment came in. Tom L.Lewis created the term BPM (Beats per Minuete) known as to how fast or slow the song goes between transitions.
  • Software

    Carl Malamud made an internet radio station for radios, also able to connect via internet. Many disc Jockeys (DJS) listened to see about the new trend in it or maybe new hardware and music coming out. It supplied them with good advice as well.
  • The Future

    The Future
    Everything past 2000 has escalated and gotten newer thing and still upgrading. In this picture it shows a realease of a turntable in 2014, and cost mega-money evolution of dj-ing is getting more extreme by the year but making music great.