Developments in cell theory

By Renzo22
  • Hans and Zacharias Janssen

    Dutch lens grinders, father and son
    Produced first compound microscope
  • Robert Hooke

    English scientist
    Looked at a thin slice of cork through a compound microscope
    Observed tiny, hollow, roow--like structures
    Called these structures 'cells' because they reminded him of the rooms that monks lived in
    only saw the outer walls (cell walls) because cork cells are not alive
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

    Dutch fabric merchant and amateur scientist
    looked at blood, rain water, scrapings from teeth through a sample microscope (1 lens)
    Observed living cells; called some 'animalcules'
    some of the small 'animalcules' are now called bacteria
  • Matthias Schleiden

    German botanist
    Viewed plant parts under a microscope
    Discovered that plant parts are made of cells
  • Theodor Schwann

    • German zoologist
    • Viewed animal parts under a microscope
    • Discovered that animal parts are made of cells
  • Rudolph Virchow

    • German physician
    • Stated that all living cells come only from other living cells