Development of The Conley

  • Period: to

    Develipment of the coleny

  • John Oxley

    New South Wales Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane sends explorer John Oxley to find potential new penal sites.
  • The Moreton Bay convict settlement,

    The Moreton Bay convict settlement, established in Redcliffe in 1824, is transferred to the banks of the Brisbane River near the northern end of the Victoria Bridge.
  • German missionaries

    German missionaries establish the Zion Hill Mission (now Nundah) to bring Christianity to the Aborigines in Brisbane.
  • Moreton Bay

    The Moreton Bay district is officially opened to free settlement.
  • Queensland's first newspaper

    Queensland's first newspaper, the Moreton Bay Courier is published. This later became The Courier, then the Brisbane Courier, and since 1933 The Courier-Mail.
  • Queensland

    On 6 June, Queen Victoria signs the Letters Patent, approving Queensland becoming a separate colony to New South Wales, with its own representative government.
  • First telegraph line

    In April, the first telegraph line in Queensland is established, revolutionising communication in the colony. The first line linked Brisbane to Ipswich and later extended to Sydney.
  • Kenakas people

    The Kanakas (Melanesian people from South Pacific) arrive in Queensland to work in Queensland's cane fields (until 1904).
  • Queensland’s first railway line

    Queensland's first rail line opens between Ipswich and Grandchester.
  • Free primary education

    Free primary education is introduced in Queensland, the first in Australia.
  • Queen Victoria

    Queen Victoria grants the Queensland Coat of Arms, the oldest State Arms in Australia, to the Colony of Queensland.
  • Aboriginal rights

    The Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act is passed. The legislation includes extensive clauses that restrict the rights of Aboriginal people, including controlling their finances. Other sections of the Act permit the Queensland Government to deport Aboriginal people to missions and reserves where they could be forcibly incarcerated. The Act also gave the government the right to exercise guardianship over all Indigenous children in the colony