Bionic eye

Development of The Bionic Eye

  • The First Ideas

    These where the first days of creation of the bionic eye by Gregg Suaning and Nigel Lovell.
  • Gregg Sauning Leaves For More Education

    In early 2002 Gregg Sauning moved to the Univerisity of Newcastle for more training.
  • 50,000 People Declared Legally Blind

    In 2004 it was declared that 50,000 people were legally blind in Australia and so the bionic eye was seen as unnecersary.
  • Gregg Suaning and Nigel Lovell attend Eye and Chip Congress

    Gregg Suaning and Nigel Lovell attend Eye and Chip Congress in Detroit, sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmolgy.
  • Gregg Sauning Returns

    In late 2007 Gregg Sauning returns to UNSW (Univerisity of New South Wales) as an associalte professor.
  • BVA Was Awarded $42 million To Develop The Bionic Eye

    Over a four year period begining on the 1st of January Australian Federal Government awarded a $42 million ARC grant to Bionic Vision Australia to develop bionic vision technology.
  • Kevin Rudd Launches BVA

    Kevin Rudd launched Bionic Vision Australia, a group fromed of Australian Vision Prosthesis Group at UNSW, University of Melbourne, University of Western Sydney, Australian National University, Centre for Eye Research Australia, the Bionic Ear Institute and NICTA.
  • First Advanced Prototype of The 98 Electrode Bionic Eye

    The first advanced prototype of the bionic eye was released.
  • A Year Away From The Finished Product of the 98 Electrode Bionic Eye

    BVA are approximately a year away from completing the fifteen year project.
  • Human Trials Begin

    The first human trials are planned to take place.
  • Expected Finish Date of The 98 Electrode Bionic Eye

    The bionic eye is on track to be finished by 2014
  • Prototype of A Higher Resolution Bionic Eye

    The high definition prototype consisting of 1000 electrodes is to be ready for testing.