Development of FA in the UK

  • FA was formed

    The FA was introduced to incorporate rules and structure into the game of football.
  • The first game was played

    It was on this day that the first game of football was played under the new rules of the FA. It was played by Barnes FC against Richmond and it ended a goaless draw.
  • Football Asociation Challenge Cup

    The FA Challenge Cup is the oldest standing tournament ever.
  • The FA Cup was founded

    The FA cup was created for all teams around England to compete in a tournament whether there a non league side or a top flight side they have the chance and expericne to play against eachother. This developed the sport because it added a more competative side to the game.
  • Womans Mitre Challenge Trophy

    The womans mitre challenge trophy is know now as the womans FA cup. It is the first competative womans football tournament. There were 71 teams that entered from England, Scotland and Wales. This improves football by adding equality and making the sport appeal to more females.
  • Back Pass Rule

    The back-pass rule was introduced in 1992 to discourage time-wasting and overly defensive play after the 1990 World Cup was described as exceedingly dull, rife with back-passing and goalkeepers holding up the ball.