Development of Aviation

  • Period: to


    • Invented by Ferdinand von Zeppelin -They are still used to present day, however less so than before. -This is due to the hindenburg disaster in which the zeppelin caught fire and the hydrogen within it ignited and exploded -There were 36 fatalities and 62 survivors of this disaster
  • First Powered Flight

    First Powered Flight
    The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, are credited for inventing and building the world's first ever successful airplane. They made the first-controlled, powered and sustained heavier than air human flight.
  • First Commercial Flight

    First Commercial Flight
    Tony Jannus conducted the worlds first commercial flight from St. Petersberg, Florida to Tampa, Florida for the St. Petersberg-Tampa airboat and it took 23 minutes. The plane used was the Benoist XIV
  • First Transatlantic Flight (8th-31st May)

    The First Transatlantic Flight went from the US to Newfoundland, then onto Portugal and lastly, the UK. The journey took a total of 23 days.
  • First 'round the world' commercial flight

    The first 'circumnavigation "round the world" flight' was undertaken by a team from the US Army Air Service.
    - The trip took 175 days
    - Throughout the journey, they went further than 44,000 kilometres
    - The second round the world flight was completed by Australian Charles Smith
  • Period: to

    De Havilland Comet

    • It was the first commercial jet liner
    • Invented in Hatford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
    • Adapted for roles in the military after its retirement
  • Period: to

    Boeing 747

    The world's then-largest aircraft.
    It is a wide-body commericalairline and cargo transport aircraft.
    It was prodcued in 1968 and is still currently in use by several airlines.
    Origin: United States
  • Period: to


    • There were only 20 aircrafts made
    • Discontinued due to Paris crash and high cost of production
    • Travelled at 60,000ft (The same height as spy planes) with a speed of mach 2 (2x the speed of sound)
  • First 'round the world non-stop' flight

    First 'round the world non-stop' flight
    The First flight that took place around the world without stopping or refueling was completed by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. The flight 'Rutan Model 76 Voyager' ended its journey 9 days later, setting an endurance record.
  • Period: to

    Airbus A380

    It was produced in 2004 to present.
    Origin: Multi-national
    It is a wide body, double decker jet airliner.
    It is still in service.
    Has a design range of 15,400 KM. Suffient to fly from New York to Hong Kong.
    81 aircrafts build as of September 2012