Development of Automobiles

  • First Steam powered vehicle

    Ferdinand Verbiest built the first steam-powered vehicle around 1672. Quite possibly, the first working steam-powered vehicle
  • First Self propelled road vehicle

    First Self propelled road vehicle
    In 1769, the first self propelled road vehicle was invented by the French engineer and mechanic Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. His vehicle was powered by a steam engine, and was used by the French army to haul artillery.
  • Internal combustion engine Developed

    Internal combustion engine Developed
    The internal combustion engine was developed in 1807 by Francois Isaac de Rivaz, which used a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy.
  • First gas driven engine

    Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir built the first gas driven engine
  • Lenoir's Second Vehicle

    Two years after the first gas driven car, Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir again built an experimental vehicle by his gas-engine.
  • First Vehicle Using the internal Combustion engine

    First Vehicle Using the internal Combustion engine
    One of the first vehicles that used the internal combustion engine was the three-wheeled car built in 1885 by the engineer Karl Benz in Germany.
  • First Gasoline powered car

    First Gasoline powered car
    The Duryear brothers, Charles and Frank Duryear, built the first gasoline powered car
  • first Gasoline powered car is driven

    The Duryear's vehicle was first run on public roads September 21, 1893 in Springfield