Denis Diderot

  • Birth

    Born 1713 in Langres, Champagne, Denis was the oldest child of were Didier Diderot and Angélique Vigneron
  • Period: to

    Denis Diderot's Life

  • Denis Graduates Jesuit College

    Denis Graduated from a Jesuit college in 1732 with a Master of Arts degree in philosophy. He then decided to persue becoming a clergyman at Collège d'Harcourt of the University of Paris.
  • Denis Drops out of Collège d'Harcourt

    Abandoning the idea of becoming a clergyman, Denis began to study law at Paris Law Faculty.
  • ~ Denis becomes a translator and writer

    Embarrassed by his child's choice of profession, Denis's father disowned him.
  • Denis Marries Antoinette Champion

    An unlikely marriage, given that she was Roman Catholic and of a lower class
  • History of Greece

    François-Vincent Toussaint, and Marc-Antoine Eidous, and Denis Diderot translate History of Greece together
  • Translates Shaftesbury's Inquiry Concerning Virtue and Merit

    He also added "reflections" to the translated version.
  • Writes His First Original Work

    Philosophical Thoughts becomes Diderot's first book he wrote purely on his own, not a translation.
  • "The Skeptic's Walk" Written

    Diderot wrote The Skeptics Walk the very next year. The book was, however, not published until 1830
  • The Indiscreet Jewels Published

    Down on funds, Diderot wrote this raunchy novel to gain some money. It remains his most published work.
  • Letter on the Blind is Publsihed

    Diderot's debut essay, Letter on the Blind, showed him to have independent, but sacrilegious, thoughts.
  • Diderot is sent to Prison

  • Diderot Released from Prison

    Diderot was released following good behavior.
  • Diderot Releases Prospectus for Encyclopédie

  • First volume of Encyclopedie Published

  • Encyclopedie Suspended by Courts

  • 4,000 People Subscribe to Encyclopedie

  • Le Fils naturel Published

    This was Diderot's first of several plays.
  • Le Père de famille Published

    The second of Diderot's plays.
  • Encyclopedie Suppressed

  • Diderot begins writing for The Correspondance

    Diderot wrote about the biennial art exhibitions in the Louvre, as reuested by his friend Friedrich Melchior Grimm. He would do this from 1759,1771,1775, and 1781.
  • Diderot Discovers Encyclopedie was Altered

    The bookseller had altered all passages that could be dangerous in order to send out copies without legal repercussion
  • Enyclopedie is Finished and Sent Out

    It had taken twelve years, but all 28 volumes were now in subscribers hands.
  • Diderot visits Catherine the Great

    This first visit, which he was payed handsomely for, began Catherine's taking care of Diderot financially.
  • "Paradox of the Actor" Finished

    This play was begun by Diderot in 1770, but would not be published until 1830
  • "The Nun" is Written 1780

    Though the work would not be published until 1796, The Nun criticized the treatment of women by the church.
  • Death

    Diderot died of pulmonary thrombosis, and his remains put in the National Library of Russia by Catherine II.