Declaring independence

  • British Surrender Boston

    Washington believes his army is ready & weapons arrive Wasington puts cannons on Dorchester Heights overlooking Boston BRITISH retreat-AMERICAN Victory
  • second continental congress

    Print $$$$
    Set up post office
    Created continental Army led by george Washington
    Sent Olive Branch asking king to protect their rights
  • Washington Arrives on outskirts of Boston with Continental troops

    Realizes men are disorganized need discipline
    Need weapons
  • “Common Sense” Published by Thomas Paine

    Pamphlet inspires more colonists to become patriots “Every thing that is right or reasonable pleads for separation. The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries,’Tis TIME TO PART” -Thomas paine, common sense
  • Second Continental congress meets again

    Debate on declaring independence Thomas Jefferson is the primary author of the document
  • The Declaration of independence is signed!

    The Declaration of independence is signed!
  • Second continental congress vote for independence

    All 13 colonies vote YES on declaring independence