Decade technology inventions

  • Period: to

    Decade timeline span

  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    Created by Sony Computer Entertainment. The playstation 2 changed the world by how convenient it made it to only have one device used for different things, like playing videos games and watching TV.
  • Apple Ipod

    Apple Ipod
    Steve Jobs created the first generation apple iPod.This changed the world by not having to carry a huge CD player around with you. Making listening to music so much easier on the go.
  • Wii Nintendo

    Wii Nintendo
    Shigeru Miyamoto created the Wii. Which was the first of its kind to use movement to play a game.
  • Iphone

    The first iPhone was created by Steve Jobs/Apple. Changing our world/phones to touch screens, and accessing the internet in a way that hasn't been done before.
  • Kindle

    Jeff Bezos/Amazon created the Kindle. Enhancing our world by making it convienent to not have to purchase books anymore, having them covienently all on one place.