Decade of Tech

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  • iPod

    Apple Releases the iPod which makes it incredibly easy to have a library of music in the palm of your hand. This came after the time of CDs and was able to continue the advent of making tech as small and convenient as possible.
  • Xbox 360

    Microsoft releases the Xbox 360 and bring with it connectivity to friends and family through live services to enjoy popular games that were released regularly.
    Xbox 360
  • Macbook pro

    The first-ever pro edition of the MacBook was released. This cemented apple's pro line of tech and would push the boundaries of what would be available to consumers on the go.
  • iPhone

    Steve Jobs releases the iPhone to the world. This would famously start the smartphone craze and invalidate all math teachers that would say 'you will never always have a calculator in your pocket'
  • Flat Screen TVs dominate the market

    Flat-screen TV technology has cheapened to the point that most families are able to afford to upgrade their TV's to a newer and slimmer flat screen LCD tech.