decade of crisis project

  • pottawatomie massacre (kansas bleeding )

    it was the murder of five men from the proslavery settlemennt on pottawatomie creek why? b/c the north wanted the slavery part to end
  • underground railroad (harriet tubman)

    a secret cooperative network that aided fugitive slaves in reaching the free states or canada why? b/c slaves got tired of being used so they ran to get away from the slavery
  • kansas-nebraska act

    it created the territories of kansas and nebraska and opened new lands to repeal the missouri compromise why? b/c at the time they thought this was better than the missioui compromies
  • Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)

    an agreement that allowedmissouri to enter the union as a slave stateand maine to enter as a free state and outlawed slavery in any territories or north states of 3630 n. latitude why?: so they could determain which one was slave or free book- north carolina american anthem copyright2008by holt,rinehart an wilson
  • tariff of abominations

    was an outrage to southerns that felt that the taxs on imports was excessive and unfairly targeted their region of the country why?: because it hurt the south more than the north>...>1800s glossary
  • wilmot proviso

    ban slavery in terroitory gained from mexico why?:he belived congress could regulate slavery in the territories and washington d.c
    book : north carolina american anthem copyright 2008 by holt, rinehart and winston
  • free-soil party

    another political partyin the united states why? oppose the extension of slavery into the new land
  • fugitive slave act

    it were laws passed by congress for any slave that escaped or were free even if they were had been free for 30 yrs why? it was passed so that they want lose slaves b/c they werent allowed to bring anymore over
  • uncle toms cabin

    uncle toms cabin or life among the lowly is an anti-slavery novel by american author harriet beecher stowe why? b/c it was to show how the life of slaves were on the white farmmers plantation
  • republican party

    a group of democratic whigs and their indenpendence why? opposed on the act of spreading slavery
  • know-nothing patry

    a former poliical party in th united states why? so they could keep power out od immigrants hands wordnetweb.princeton.eud
  • sack of lawrence

    it helped ratchet up the guerrilla war in the kansas territory why? b/c it helped the war gain many terroitory
  • brooks/sumner senate caning

    a south carolina congressmen nearly killed sumner on the senate floor with his cane why? b/c he was talking about his uncle for 2 days in a negitive way so.. he got tired of it and beat the crap out of him
  • the election of 1856

    it was a heated contest on the primary election among 3 partys why? b/c it was set on diffrent catagoies
  • dred scott decision

    a black slave whos suit for freedom was denied by the u.s supreme court why: because at the time of this event it would have made the south mad at the north
  • lincoln duglulas debates

    series of seven debates between republican canadate and lincoln why: b/c they wanted to become president for the nation and make it their own
  • freeport doctrine

    in spite of the dred scott dicesion it would be best for slavery why: b/c stephen thought it would be the best decision for the slave states
  • harpers ferry incident

    in west virginia john brown did his rebellion why: b/c he was a black man trying to free him and everybody eles
  • the election of 1860

    it was held for the president of office why: so the nation could have a president
  • formation of the confederate states of america

    a republic formed in feb.... and composed the 11 southeren states why: so that each gets the individual rights so that if one pat faIls theirs one to fall back on
  • fort sumter

    a fort of charleston south carolina that was the sences of bombbardment why: so it could protect the south and its ports
  • south carolina session

    the frist state to secede was south carolina why: b/c it passed the ordinance of secession
  • compromise of 1850

    was a seri