Deaths of the Winchesters

  • Sam Is Stabbed In The Back

    All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 Season 2 Episode 21 Sam thought he escaped Cold Oak with his life, but instead got stabbed in the back by Jake. He died in his brother's arms. After Dean made a deal (his soul for Sam's life), Sam is revived.
  • Period: to

    The Many Deaths of Sam and Dean Winchester

    This timeline shows the multiple times Sam and Dean have died during the show.
  • Dean Stabs Himself To Get Out Of AU!World

    What Is And What Should Never Be Season 2 Episode 20 The djinn puts Dean in an AU!World where his mother is alive, his brother is happy with Jessica, and they have a normal life. In order to get back to reality, he has to stab himself in the gut.
  • The Many Deaths of Dean At The Mystery Spot

    Mystery Spot Season 3 Episode 11 As a result of the Trickster, Sam is cursed to live through Tuesday repeatedly, each day ending as he watches his brother die. Most famous deaths include: shot in the chest, hit by a car, choking on a sausage, slipping in the shower, electrocuted in the bathroom, food poisoning by taco, and getting crushed by a piano. Dean dies more than a hundred times (he claims it was a thousand).
  • Dean's Deal Is Up

    No Rest For The Wicked Season 3 Episode 16 Dean's deal is up and the Hellhounds come calling. He is ripped to shreds and then dragged to Hell, where he will remain for the next 4 months (40 years in Hell years).
  • Sam Struck By Lightning

    Wishful Thinking Season 4 Episode 8 Hope Lynn Casey wished for Sam to be struck by lightning and then he was, thanks to the cursed wishing well. When the curse was reversed, Sam came back to life.
  • Sam and Dean Go Looking For Missing Reapers

    Death Takes A Holiday Season 4 Episode 15 The Reapers have gone missing and nobody's died in a town since. The Winchesters temporarily die in order to go looking for them.
  • Sam Dies From Asphyxia

    Sympathy for the Devil Season 5 Episode 1 Zachariah, in attempt to get Dean to agree to be Michael's vessel, takes away Sam's lungs and he dies of asphyxia on the floor. It is reversed by order of Cas.
  • Sam and Dean Shot By Roy and Walt

    Dark Side of the Moon Season 5 Episode 16 As punishment for starting the Apocalypse, Roy and Walt kill Sam and Dean in their beds. Their deaths propel them to Heaven, where they live through their best memories and meet up with some lost loved ones.
  • Sam Jumps Into Hell

    Swan Song Season 5 Episode 22 The Apocalypse is here and the only way to stop it is for Sam to play his role and allow Lucifer into his body. But he's got a plan. Take Lucifer in, open a door to Hell, and then sacrifice himself to save the world. It worked, though it left a lot of people mourning.
  • Dean Becomes Death For A Day

    Appointment in Samarra Season 6 Episode 11 In order to get in touch with Death, in hopes of getting Sam's soul back, Dean temporarily dies. During his time away, he becomes Death for a day, but he can't do the job properly.