death penalty history

By jin2746
  • Sir Thomas

    Sir Thomas dale starts the"laws divine, moral and martial" They include death for crimes such as blasphemy, adultery, and Trading with indians.
  • Period: to


    Several people are killed for religious Crimes, first women executed in the colonies. Pennsylvanian government describes death Row candidates as traitors and murderers.
  • Cesare

    Cesare Beccaria states "It is not neccesary to punish just by death." He is in favor of life imprisionment as an alternate punishment
  • Period: to


    Pennsylvania as a a pioneer in the buisness of repealing death laws. Michigan wants no death penalty unless for treason. Rhode island and Wisconsin totally abolish it for 1852 and 1853.
  • No Pain

    US supreme court rules that drawing and quartering, disembowling, and all other painful executions are listed as cruel and unusual punishment. They were later abolished.
  • Period: to


    The world continues its methods of punishment. Six states abolished the death penalty and three make it only allowed in extremely rare cases. Several new laws were made On the concept of human rights.
  • year 1

  • Abolishionists

    Abolishonist movement convinces Kansas to abolish the death penalty. 8 states extremely limit the death penalty.
  • 3/4

    6 of the 8 states that limited the death penalty in 1907 bring the death penalty back into action.
  • Top of the hill

    The death penalty reaches the highest point in history with about 167 executions per year.
  • last stand (or hang)

    the last execution of a federal prisoner until the year 2001 by hanging.
  • Man called George

    George E. Pataki rules the death penalty constitutional and brings it back as a punishment in NY.
  • Supremacy

    supreme court reverses pataki's decision a vote to make the death penalty null and void.
  • Gather

    activists and experts attend the 4th world congress against the death penalty to help organizations supporting human rights In other countries.