Deadly Tsunamis-Hannah Klein and Steph Alessandro

  • Lisbon, Portugal

    Lisbon, Portugal
    Magnitude of 9
    - caused political tensions
    -killed an estimated 60,000 people
    -most ppl when the earthquake occured were in mass because it was All Saints Day (Nov 1st)
  • Java and Sumantra

    Java and Sumantra
  • Aleutians Alaska

    Aleutians Alaska
    -Magnitude of 8.1
    -killed all lighthouse keepers
    -maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (strong)
    -Suprisingly only 159 died
  • Chile

    -Magnitude of 9.5
    -Most powerful earthquake ever before this year
    -had a magnitude of 9.5
    - caused the most damage
  • Alaska and California

    Alaska and California
    -Magnitude of 9.2
    -76 ppl drowned in this tsunami
    - had a deadly tidal shake
    - it was the second biggest earthquake
  • Sea of Japan

    Sea of Japan
    -Magnitude of 7.8
    - triggered a tsunami in a part of Russia (which was random)
    - there was 230 deaths
    - there was a large landslides
  • Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea
    -Magnitude of 7.1
    - had run up heights of 49 feet in the air
    - lasted 8 hrs 49 min
    -1600 ppl died
  • Sumantra

    -Magnitude of 9.1
    -equivalent to 23,000 Hiroshima bombs
    - ruptured a 900 mile stretch along India & Australian plates
    -lasted 10 minutes
  • Samoa

    -Magnitude 8.1
    -The most loss of life in samoa
    -Stuck in a US Territory
    -189 died
  • Chile

    -Magnitude of 8.8
    -Strongest earthquake since the one in 1960
    -Lasted 3 minutes
    -Caused more damage compared to the one in 1960
  • Japan

    -Magnitude of 9.1
    -Caused a cooling system failure
    -moved japans main island