Deadly Tsunamis- Brady Dennis and Ben Kiesling

  • Lisbon Earthquake

    Lisbon Earthquake
    This earthquake also caused a massive fire and the overall event killed an estimated 60,000 people
    This was the most destructive earthquake in European history
    Many of the deaths were caused by collapsing churches because it took place on all saints day
  • Krakatoa Volcano Eruption

    Krakatoa Volcano Eruption
    The top of the volcano was shot into the ocean by the eruption, this then caused a massive tsunami over 35 meters tall
    While there were no major cities hit by this tsunami, it obliterated over 165 coastal villages
    This eruption was so massive and released so much ash that it reportedly changed the color of sunsets to a fiery red for the next 3 years
    This also affected art from the time such as the famous painting the scream, where the sky in the background is a vibrant red
  • Aleutians Alaska earthquake

    Aleutians Alaska earthquake
    Earthquake causing a tsunami in Hawaii.
    This double disaster caused over 26 million dollars in damages.
    The wave caused by the tsunami was around 55 feet high.
  • 1960 Chile Earthquake

    1960 Chile Earthquake
    This is the strongest earthquake ever at 9.6 magnitude.
    The actual earthquake killed around 1,655 people.
    Adjusted for inflation this event caused nearly $4.8 billion in expenses.
  • 1964 Alaska Earthquake

    Killed about 130 people.
    This earthquake revealed that oceanic plates are shoved under continents.
    This was the most powerful earthquake in North American history.
    Reportedly the quake could be felt nearly 500 miles away.
  • Sea of Japan Earthquake

    Sea of Japan Earthquake
    This earthquake also caused tsunamis in southern russia, bringing up the death toll to 230.
    There was also a landslide in Okushiri Japan which contributed to that islands death toll of 165.
  • Papa New Guinea Earthquake

    Papa New Guinea Earthquake
    Killed more than 2100 people.
    The event was caused by a submarine landslide that triggered an earthquake.
    This earthquake then caused a tsunami that peaked at 15 meters .
  • 2004 Sumatra Earthquake

    2004 Sumatra Earthquake
    Killed around 230,000 people.
    Tsunami waves were over 100 feet tall.
    This quake caused the earth to vibrate 1 centimeter up.
  • 2009 Samoa earthquake

    2009 Samoa earthquake
    Killed around 200 people.
    Caused over 200 million dollars in damages.
    The persistence of earthquakes like this near Samoa is causing the island to sink.
  • 2010 Chile earthquake

    2010 Chile earthquake
    Killed around 700 people.
    The earthquakes uniquley devastated buildings destroying nearly half a million Homes, schools, and other buildings.
    Waves of the tsunami reached about 30 meters tall.
  • 2011 Japan Earthquake

    2011 Japan Earthquake
    Killed over 20,000 people.
    The tsunami following this earthquake caused the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Nuclear Energy Facility.
    Fukushima and the surrounding area remain radioactive due to the meltdown that happened.
    Fukushima was the worst nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown in Ukraine.