David Milgaard

By chazdm
  • Death of Gail Miller

    On the morning of January 31, on the way to work, Gail Miller was dragged from a bus stop to an alley where she was raped and murdered.
  • David Milgaard is arrested

    Davis Milgaard, 16, is arrested in BC for Raping and Murdering Gail Miller after being turned in by 3 "friends" for a $2000 crime stoppers tip.
  • Milgaard Gets Convited of Murder

    Milgaard is convicted of murder and gets life in Prison
  • Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear Milgaards appeal

    Milgaard tries to get a hearing with the Supreme Court of Canada and is refused
  • Milgaards lawyers apply to reopen the case

  • Milgaards mother tries to clear sons name

    Federal Justice Minister Kim Campbell walks right past Milgaard's mother Joyce, who tries to hand her a report from a Vancouver forensic pathologist that could possibly clear Milgaard.
  • Campbell turns down Milgaards request

    Federal Justice Minister Kim Campbell turns down Milgaard's request to review his case.
  • Milgaards lawyers file second application

    Milgaard's lawyers file second application to Minister of Justice to have the case reopened.
  • Campbell directs the Supreme Court to review Milgaard's conviction

  • Supreme court says Milgaard should have a new trial

    Top court says Milgaard should have new trial. He is freed after Saskatchewan decides not to prosecute him again.
  • Milgaards Lawyers proves the old DNA is false

    Milgaard's team announces that more sophisticated DNA tests in Britain prove Milgaard did not commit Miller's murder. That same day, Milgaard receives apology from the Saskatchewan government for his wrongful conviction.
  • Milgaard gets $10mil

    Milgaard and his family receive $10 million tax free compensation package from federal government.