Darwin's Timeline

  • The Birth of Charles Dawrin

    Born in Shrewsbury, England, near Wedgewood England. Robert Waring Darwin and Susannah Darwin.
  • Chrles Goes To School

    Charles' dad enrolled him at Shrewsbury School where Charles stayed for many years.
  • Goes with Erasmus

    Goes on a riding tour to north wakes with his brother Erasmus.
  • Charles Leaves School

    Charles had bad grades, so his dad took him out of school, his dad thought he could do better.
  • Charles Begins Thinking on His Own

    Began thinking of the origins of human beings, he also started studying marine life.
  • Charles reads to Plinian Society

    Reads papers on marine animal life the the Plinian Society.On 15 October is admitted to the University of Cambridge, but doesn't move there untile January 1828.
  • Charles find friend.

    Becomes friendly with his cousin William Darwin Fox at Cambridgre University.
  • Going to Wales.

    Travels to Wales to collect insects with entomologist Frederick William Hope.
  • Publishes Paper

    Publishes Paper. This book is not published until 1881
  • Study of Man

    Spend his whole year studying the decent of man.
  • Publishes Power Movement in Plants

    Publishes Power Movement in Plants. He gets help from Francis Darwin. (His son)
  • Charles dies

    Charles passed away at the age of 73.