Darwins Life

By ahsatan
  • Born

    Shrewsbury, England
  • Period: to

    Darwins Lifetime

  • education

    He did his studies at Shrewsbury, He was nicknamed "Gas" by his school mates.
  • studying medicine

    His dad sent him to Edinburgh University to study medicine. His studies helped him on his voyage.
  • Expadition

    He went on a five year expedition. This trip helped him with his studies.
  • Lefe england on a sail boat

    Darwin was 22 years old when they set sail to go on the voyage. He spent 18 months of the voyage aboard the ship.
  • he returned

    Darwin returned to England. He worked on his Darwinism Theory for twenty years.
  • His wife

    He married his wife Emma Wedgwood. They also had ten kids... but three died at young ages
  • His daughers death

    When Darwins daughter died. He no longer beleived in god.
  • Jernals

    Wallace and Darwin announced their journals and theories. They both told what they had discovered.
  • Darwins book was published

    Darwin published his journal. It is called, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection."
  • sickness

    He became really ill. No doctor could tell him what was wrong with him.
  • Darwin's Death

    westminster. Abbey