Darwin's Adventure

Timeline created by Aaron J
  • Darwins First Try Devonport, England

    Darwin left port but had to return multiple times before getting out on his voyage because of heavy southwestern gales
  • Cape Verde, Porto Praya

    He see's an island with lush landscape and is amazed about how all the cocao trees and flowers. He is amazed because of his normal England landscape.
  • Tierra del Fuego

    Darwins boat was being chased by a group of savages
  • Rio de Janero, Brazil

    On his way from the ort of Brazil he had nothing extravagant but a bundle of porpoises. Hundreds filling the sea.
  • Maldonado, Uraguay

    Darwin Found the most southern cicilization claimed by spain
  • Buenos Aires, Argetina

    He found a tooth from a animal such as a camel.
  • Port St. Julien, Argentina

    He sees the slopes off the coast of south america and sees alot of sea shells
  • Bay of S. Carlos

    A massive Volcano near darwin is on the verge of erupting.
  • Valdivia, Chile

    A massive earthquake occured whe they were on shore lasting for two minutes.
  • Conception, Chile

    He went to a villiage and all the houses were leveled flat andknocked down because of an earthquake.
  • Galapogos Islands, Ecuador

    Darwin finds the finches and starts to think of the theory of evolution.
  • Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

    It was not well developed by the nativs and the people on the voyage when they docked were quickly sorrounded by canoes.
  • Sydney, Australia

    He saw a light house and that showed he was near a great and big city.
  • Cocos Islands,

    He is 600 miles from the coast and above a coral abundance.
  • Port louis, Mauritania

    He sees mt. Helen which has been described as a black Castle on shore.
  • Ascension

    A lot of volcanoes and there is one looking over all of the other cones.
  • Falmouth, England

    the voyagers arrive back in the shores of england