Darwin's Observations Beagle Voyage Timeline

By stgoc
  • Charles Darwin sailed off on the Beagle voyage

    Charles Darwin climbed aboard the Beagle voyage for a 5 year journey.
  • Darwin studies the Cape Verde Islands

    Darwin's first observations shock him, and he considers writing a book on geology.
  • The Beagle crossed the equator

    The Beagle crossed over the equator, and Charles Darwin was shaved.
  • Darwin explores Brazil

    Charles Darwin studied the Brazilian rainforest. He was amazed at the vegetation and its variety.
  • Darwin explores Argentina

    Charles Darwin is engrossed in the giant fossils that he sees.
  • Darwin continues to explore Argentina

    Captain FitzRoy tries to start a Christian mission, which does not succeed.
  • Darwin studies the Falkland Islands

    Though Charles Darwin was not excited about the Falkland Islands, he became very amused when he found fossils in some rocks.
  • Charles Darwin continues to explore Argentina

    Charles Darwin studies the fertile lowlands of Argentina.
  • Period: to

    Charles Darwin studies Chile

    Charles Darwin witnesses Mount Osomo erupt. He also experiences earthquakes.
  • Period: to

    Charles Darwin explored the Galapagos Islands

    Charles Darwin is amazed when he finds many different plants, birds, and tortoises in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Darwin explores Australia

    Charles Darwin is confused as to why there are very different mammals in Australia than in England.
  • Darwin studies the Cocos Islands (Keeling Islands)

    Charles Darwin examinates coral reefs while visiting the Cocos Islands.
  • Darwin explores Mauritius

    Charles Darwin studies the mimosas while walking along the sea coast.
  • Darwin studies Cape Town in South Africa

    Charles Darwin is fascinated by the many bullock wagons in Cape Town. He is also intrigued by the Table Mountain, a horizontal mountian that is 3,500 feet high.
  • Darwin explores South America

    Charles Darwin finds many incredible creatures when studying South America, but he is displeased when the Beagle makes a detour.
  • Charles Darwin returns to his home in England

    After a long ride on the 90 foot long Beagle that carried 74 people, Charles Darwin finally arrived home in England.