• Darwin is born

    Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England. He was named after his uncle and father.
  • Period: to

    Darwin's birth to death

  • The Zoology of the Beagle Voyage

    The first 5 volumes of the Zoology were over Fossils, Mammals, Birds, Fish, and Reptiles. They were done in this order.
  • His Daughter's death

    Darwin had begin to feel better through his water cure treatment. He had been working on barnacles at the time. Annie had become sick and died at Great Malvern.
  • Darwin receives the Royal Medal

    Darwin received the Royal Medal from the Royal Society. He received this medal due to his 3 volumes over geology and his barnacle research(which was unfinished at the time).
  • Darwin's Death

    Darwin had been battling back and forth for some time with his health. After seeming to be doing better, he had a number of attacks and died on this day in the afternoon.