Daniel Ortega

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  • Birth

    Daniel Ortega was born in 1945.
  • College

    Daniele Ortega dropped out of college. Soon after he joined a political group called the Frente Sandinista de Liberation Nacional ( FSLN) which is known as Sandinista.
  • Bank Robbery

    Bank Robbery
    He was put in jail for being in a bank robbery for seven years. Which shows his greed, contributing to his courruption as a leader. He was exiled to Cuba where he gained a close tie with Cuba's leader, Fidel Castro.
  • Sandinista

    Sandinistas over throw Anastio Somoza Debayle, the former leader of Nicoragua.
  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan
    During Reagans term he sold the Contras weapons , the Contras being various rebel groups against the FSLN. This created some of Nicoraguas tention toward the US. The Contras have killed over 30,000 Nicoraguans in nine years.
  • Junta

    Daniel Ortega was elected coordinator of the Junta, or the military rule in Nicoragua.
  • Elected

    Daniel Ortega was elected president of Nicoragua.
  • Failures

    Daniel Ortega was not elected but ran in years 1990, 1996, and 2001
  • Elected Again

    Elected Again
    In 2006 Daniel Ortega won the "election" with only 38% of the vote.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    Ortega replaces seven justices on the supreme court.
  • Constitution

    Ortega reprints the constitution with a couple "modifications". Nicoragua can now have a president run for as long as he or she wants. Article 147 prohibits presidents from seeking reelection after 2 terms. Ortega changed this. A Nicoraguan pollster states "Right now, with the current electoral authorites, people feel that reguardless of whether Ortega gets more votes or not, he'll win the elections."
  • Elected Once Again

    Elected Once Again
    In February or 2011 Ortega was re-elected. Many reports have suggested that the election was not in fact an election but a rigged vote. Since then Ortega has denied journalists access to government reports. He has also limited the press and is happy to say Nicoragua is still trade free with america.