Dangerous Game

By Livinia
  • Rainsford falls off the yacht

    Rainsford goes overboard, being left behind by his friend Whitney. Rainsford heard shots fire in the distance. with nothing left to lose Rainsford follows the echo of the shots.
  • Rainsford and Whitney onboard the yacht

    Rainsford and his friend Whitney travelling through the ocean on their yacht
  • Rainsford locates Ship Trap Island

    Rainsford makes his way up the Island following the lights, they lead him to a mansion which he soon knocked at.
  • General Zaroff and Rainsford talk over dinner

    Turns out that General Zaroff takes a liking to hunting just like Rainsford does. Over dinner they discuss the most dangerous animal to hunt. General Zaroff claims he hunts the most dangerous animal, on his island... Humans.
  • Period: to

    Dangerous Game

  • General Zaroff Introduces his favourite game.

    General hunts humans. he gives them hunting clothes, food, hunting equipment and 3 days. if they complete the 3 days General will escort them to mainland, if not their head will be added to his collected in the library.
  • General Zaroff VS. Rainsford

    Rainsford is off into the dark forest. His life now lays in his hands.
  • First Trap "The Malay Man Catcher"

    Rainsford lays out his first trap, "Even as he touched it, the general sensed his danger and leaped back with the agility of an ape. However it wasn't fast enough. Rainsford's trap come tumbling down causing general to have a slight injury on his shoulder.
  • Second Trap "The Buremese Trap"

    General returns this time with one of his dogs. The trap Rainsford set up has sharpened sticks in it. General's dog falls in and dies. General then congratulated Rainsford on his cleverness and returned to his mansion.
  • Third Trap

    General returns but this time with Ivan and all of his dogs. Rainsford sets up a small trap a native trick he had learned in Uganda. He sets up and knife and a springy young sapling. This trap killed Ivan
  • Rainsford wins the most dangerous game

    General was unable to find Rainsford on the third day. after eating dinner he made his way to bed finding Rainsford in his curtains. General surprised but congratulates him.
    Rainsford has won the game.