Damien of Molokai

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  • Saint Damien's (Joseph de Veuster's) birth

    Father Damien or Saint Damien was born by the name of Jozef De Veuster. He was the his father's (Joannes Franciscus De Veuster) 7th child and 4th son, His mother was Anne-Catherine Wouters. His birthplace is Tremelo in Belgium. Father Damien
  • Admitted to the religious profession.

    Admitted to the religious profession.
    He attended college at Braine-le-Comte in Belgium, where his father sent him. Then he went through the period of training and preparation(entered a religious order but has not taken final vows) of Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, which was in Leuven. He took the name Brother Damien (French).
  • Damien volunteers to minister

    Damien volunteers to minister
    The Hawaiian government quarantined people suspected of having the then incurable disease to a settlement on the island of Molokai. Father Damien volunteered for three months each year to minister to the people banished to Molokai. resource:
  • Missionary for the Lepers

    Missionary for the Lepers
    He sailed out to the Pacific Island on a mission to share the gospel and goodness with the lepers that had been sent to the island.
  • Ordained.

    Damien was ordained to priesthood in Honolulu, and assigned to the island.
  • Distressed

    On the island of Hawaii, the United States government decrees that all lepers must report to be sent to a settlement on the island of Molokai. When one of the notices is posted on the door of Father Damien's rectory, the priest tears down the sign, distressed because several of his sick parishioners are to be exiled to Molokai.
  • Arrives in Kalawao

    Arrives in Kalawao
    Damien arrives at Kalawao on board the steamer Kilauea with 50 leprosy patients and a cargo of cattle.This was a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by ocean and on the fourth by steep sea cliffs, was inhabited for at least 900 years by Hawaiian people.
    a Church was built in Kalawao in 1872. It was around this building that Father Damien centered his all-inclusive ministry on Molokai.
  • Built church

    Built church
    Father Damien built a catholic church on the island, Our Lady of Sorrows. Today, a full sized statue of Father Damien stands in front of the church in honour of its founder, and the church remains in excellent condition. The physical conditions of the lepers were almost beyond belief, and the poor outcasts received but little religious aid.
  • Treatment for leprosy

    The first great advance in the treatment of leprosy was made when Hanson discovered the bacillus associated with leprosy lesions, thus opening up the avenue for a scientific diagnosis of the disease. The gurjum, or gurjun, balsam, also called the ...The first great advance in the treatment of leprosy was made when Hanson discovered the bacillus associated with leprosy lesions, thus opening up the avenue for a scientific diagnosis of the disease.
  • Selfless devotion is evident

    He told a US medical inspector of his ministry: “This is my work in the world. Sooner or later I shall become a leper, but may it not be until I have exhausted my capabilities for good.”
  • Builds another church

    Builds another church
    He built another church St Josephs in Kamalo, which is the second oldest church on the island. A sign on the church says to be sure to close the latch upon leaving. The church had six benches and a simple altar. Saint Damien built 3 churches all up.
  • Receives recognition from princess.

    Receives recognition from princess.
    Hawaiian Princess Liliuokalani visited Molokai. The Princess, moved deeply by the lepers' suffering, was unable to give the speech she had prepared. Leaving Molokai with a broken heart, she later returne to Honolulu and requested Father Damien to accept the Hawaiian Order of Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Kalakaua in recognition of his "efforts in alleviating the distress and mitigating the sorrows of the unfortunate.”
  • Eventually caught leprosy.

    Eventually caught leprosy.
    On a cold December evening Damien soaked his feet in boiling water. Damien noticed he could not feel any sensation of the hot water and he tried pinching himself but could not feel pain. Damien diagnosed himself as having contracted leprosy.first symptom: a small leprous tubercle appeared on the left lobe of his ear) but refused to leave the island still continued to work among the lepers for the rest of his life. Knowing death was coming, Damien worked more vigorously.
  • last trip to honolulu

    last trip to honolulu
    Dr. Goto was one of his best friends and Damien's last trip to Honolulu was made to receive treatment from him.
  • renews vows

    renews vows
    he became bedridden and a week later and he made a general confession and renewed his vows. april 1st Extreme Unction (anointing of the sick) and received Holy Viacticum (Eucharist to a person who is dying)
  • His death

    His death
    Father Damien died of Leprosy, aged 49.
    The next day, after Mass by Father Moellers at St. Philomena's, the whole settlement followed the funeral procession to the cemetery where Damien was buried under the same Pandanus tree where he first slept upon his arrival on Molokai.
  • Canonisation

    Pope Benedict XVI canonised Father Damien de Veuster at the Vatican.
    The bishop of Honolulu says "We in Hawaii are overjoyed at the prospect of seeing a priest who labored in our islands being elevated to sainthood".