St. damien of molokai 4

Damien of Molokai

  • Birth

    Born in Tremelo, Belgium, With the name Jozef De Veuster.
    He was the 7th child in his family
  • Followed his family

    He followed his brother and 2 sisters footsteps and became a PIcpus Brother.At age 18 he joined his brother at his order
  • Took name Damien

    made his 1st religious vows and took the name Damien
  • Religious vows

    made religious vows in Paris
  • assigned a mission

    His prayer was answered and because of his brothers illness Damien was sent to Hawaii instead of his brother
  • Landed in Hawaii

    He was a missionary
  • Period: to

    Worked in Hawaii

  • Ordained

    He was Ordained to the preisthood at the Cathedral of our lady of peace.
  • Period: to

    Lepers sent to Kalawao County

    People thought that leprosy was highly contagious and incurable and in 1865 the KIng approved the "Act to Prevent the Spreadof Leprosy" and over 8,000 lepers were went away
  • Went to Leper Colony at Kalaupapa

    The Bishop realised that sending people to this place could be a death sentene and did not want to send anyone, but he realised they needed a priest. 4 priests volunteered, Father Damien was the 1st to volunteer. There were 816 lepers living there. He built a church, homes, beds, coffins he established the Parish of Saint Philomena and dug graves.At the age of 33 he went there.
  • Found our he had Leprosy

    He put his foot into scalding water and felt nothing, he had contracted leprosy.
  • Death

    He died of leprosy at age 49 at 8am
  • Treatment

    Dr Masanao Goto was aJapanese leprologist and treated Damien
  • Bedridden

    He knew death was near, his arm was in a sling, his foot in bandages and his leg was dragging.
  • General confession and renewed vows

  • Recieved Holy Viaticum

  • Recieved Extreme Unction

  • Funeral

    The whole settlement followed the funeral to the cemetery and he was laid to reat under a pandanus tree
  • Beturned to Belgium

    Damiens body was returned and now rests in Leuven
  • Feast Day

    In Hawaii his feast day is the day of his death
  • Feast day

  • declared venerable

    By Pope Paul VI
  • Beatified

    by Pope John Paul II
    the remains of his right hand were returned to Hawaii and re-buried in his origional grave
  • Liturgical calendar

    Placed on the liturgical calender with the rank of optional memorial.
  • Honoured in Belgium

    De Grootste Belg (The greatest Belgian)
  • announced that he would be cononized

  • Cononized

    in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI