By Hafsa.H
  • CyberSecurity Quiz 1

  • CyberSecurity Quiz 2

  • CyberSecurity Quiz 3

  • FileHashingExercise

    MD5 Hashing exercise where I had to change the hash line to get a different outcome
  • 1st Cipher Chart from lesson practical

    Created a cipher chart to use when encrypting messages.
  • HashingAlgorithmResearch

    Researching different hashing algorithms and learning about SHA1 and MD5
  • Google Data Centre / Security Key

    Learning about google data centers security measures that they have in place and about security keys.
  • Thoughts on Kevin Mitnick interview

    He was the most elusive hacker of his time and managed to outrun the FBI countless amount of times.
  • Symmetric/Asymmetric Examples.

    Researching different algorithms and showing examples of them.
  • Packet Tracer - Creating a Cyber World

  • Creating a Cyber World

    1) The FTP server - Used to transfer and upload files
    2) The WEB server - It accepts requests via HTTP. the network protocol created to distribute web pages.
    3) The Email server - Sends and receives emails on the email server
    4) The DNS server - DNS translates domain names to IP addresses
    5) The NTP server - Networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems
    6) The AAA server-Handles user requests for access to computer resources