Infobox collage for wwii

Culminating Task

  • The Treaty of Versallies

    The Treaty of Versallies
    The treaty of Versallies was signed.
  • My Struggle

    My Struggle
    Mein Kampf is written by Hittler in prison and released to the public.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    The day the stock market crashed and caused the great depression.
  • Further

    Hitler is named Further (Dictator) of Germany.
  • Regina Riot

    Regina Riot
    A meeting of the On-to-Ottawa Trekers was attaked by the Regina police.
  • Invasion of Poland

    Invasion of Poland
    Poland was invaded by Germany. When World War 2 began.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese attack a US naval base. This causes the US to get involved in WWII.
  • Nazi Surrender

    Nazi Surrender
    Nazi Germany signed its instrument of surrender.
  • Little Boy Dropped

    Little Boy Dropped
    Atoic bomb named Little Boy dropped on Japan by the USA.
  • Japen Surrenders

    Japen Surrenders
    Emperor Hirohito announces the Surrender of Japan.