Cuban History

  • Dec 20, 1492

    Columbus lands on Cuba

  • Dec 20, 1529

    2/3 of Taínos died

  • Cuba becomes free from Spain

  • US declares war on Spain

  • War ends with Treaty of Paris

  • Cuba becomes full independent country

  • Birht of Fidel Castro

  • Raul Castro is born

  • Batista was leader of military prior to this

  • Declares himself as leader of Cuba

  • Batista is forced out of leadership

  • Castro takes leadership

  • US spy planes take photos over Cuba

  • US learns of Russia's shipments

  • US puts Naval quarantine on Cuba

  • US moves military to southern US

  • Gromyko says they are just helping Cuba out

  • US puts a Naval Blockade on Cuba

  • Kenndy calls press and tells them what he is going to do

  • Fidel Hands Over Leadership to His Brother Raul