Cuba in the Cold War

  • Nuclear Attacks

    the U.S. government funded a series of videos and other resources to increase public awareness of the dangers of nuclear attacks.
  • Took Control

    Batista fled Cuba, and Castro’s group took control of the nation.
  • CIA

    the CIA trained people who opposed Castro for the assault. The entire operation was to be highly secret, but the secret was poorly kept.
  • Bay of Pigs

    the CIA-backed force of 1,400 Cuban refugees landed at the swampy Bay of Pigs on Cuba’s southern coast. Some people thought the U.S. government had not completely committed to the invasion, and others claimed that the invasion force had not been adequately trained.
  • Cuban Missiles

    the administration knew with certainty that Cuba had the missiles and the launching capacity to attack the United States.
  • Poll

    A poll showed that 1/5 of American beleived WWII was coming to an end.
  • End of Cuban Missile Crisis

    a settlement was reached. Khrushchev agreed to stop sending missiles to Cuba.
  • End of Cold War

    The end of the Cuban Missile Crisis did not mean an end to Cold War conflicts in Latin America.