• First Revolt

    Fidel Castro leads an unsuccessful revolt against Batista.
  • Guerrilla Army

    Castro recruits a guerrilla army, aided by Che Guevara.
  • Period: to

    Castro's Regime

  • Castro Wins

    Castro overthrows Batista with a 9000-man guerrilla army,
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Castro allows the USSR to deploy nuclead missiles in Cuba.
  • Communism

    Castro officially becomes the first (and only) communist leader of the Western Hemisphere.
  • Spread of Revoluton

    Castro attempts to spread Communism to the rest of Latin America. Che Guevara is murdered by the Bolivian government troops.
  • Period: to

    International Support

    Castro supports revolutions in Angola, Ethiopia, etc
  • Castro steps down

    Fidel's health declines after abdominal surgery. He hands control of the government to Raul (his brother).
  • Fidel Castro retires

    Fidel Castro retires and Raul becomes president.