Cry Freedom

  • the apartheid was created and is now a law

    (the correct date, month day is not acurate) this day repersence the start of something very importand and extremealy to the history of south africa. (apartheid is a law passed to segregate the blacks of south africa) When this law passed many black familys were killed and abused by the white government.
  • Nelsen Mandels first steps against apartheid

    (the correct date, month day is not acurate) Mandela leads the African national congress (ANC) againsts apartheid in a attempt to abolish the national party before all the hard ship from apartheid begins. Nelsen leads a campaign of civil disobedience and rebelliousness against the party.
  • Mandela gets arrested and a life sentence for "acts of terrorism"

    Nelsen Mandela a ANC leader was arrested, convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the state, and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Rivonia Trial. This event is very inportand because it marks the first of many events by the south african government to silence and controll the ANC and the black community in general.
  • The Government greats black homelands.

    (the correct date, month day is not acurate) homelands much like modern cianti town were created and the black community was forced to move into these often poor townships. There were many laws to these townships one of the more significant is that black people could be arrested if they were on the streets past 6.00 PM. What this event shows is how littlte the "more supirior white race"thinks of the blacks who are often the reason the econimy is so wealthy because of there labour.
  • Steven Biko banned

    (the correct date, month day is not accurate) Steve Biko a black activist who later helped in the abolishment of apartheid was banned for "teaching black consciousness" (a black hope belief). after Stephen was banned he still battled against the government. Mr. Biko is most famous for his coute "black is beautiful" that he used happily well being prosecuted in court.
  • The death of Steven Biko

    The death of Steven biko lead a beloved leader of the black community was killed in a police van on his way to Petroria to go to a jail hospital after being beaten half to death.Although a sad event the ANC used the death as a form of propoganda putting his face on posters that would speack of Freeing Mandela and other black consciousness beliefs.
  • Steven Bikos funeral

  • Donald Woods Gets banned

    Donald Woods (friends with Steven Biko), anti apartheid activist and over all black national hero gets banned. When Donald gets banned because of his efforts to unitize south africa Woods was served with a five-year banning order under the Internal Security Act at Johannesburg airport shortly before he was to fly to the United States. This event is sigificant becuase it led to many of the following events that later lead to the abolishment of the apartheid.
  • Mr. Woods flees Africa

    on new years eve Donald woods fled to Lesotho so that he and his familly would be safe. this trek also alowed Donald to publish a book "cry freedom" that brought enternational atentoin the the ever growing problem of apartheid.
  • FW de Klerk replaces PW botha as president

    (month and day are not accurate) When FW do Klerk was elected he did many good and regognizable accomplisments with his power one that is very significant and relevent to apartheid is that FW met with mandela and later saw to it that he was freed.
  • Nelsen Mandela was freed from pison after a 27 year sentance

    After a meating with FW clerc and alot of lobbying by the ANC Nelsen mandela is freed. which is highly inportand because Nelsen later got put in state as the modern day presedent of south africa.
  • the apartheid gets abolished

    (month and day not accurate) Soon after Nelsen mandela gets freed from prison he holds a all black gathering holding more than 1400 anti-apartheid activists and they lobby against the national party and after presure FW de Klerk gets rid of the apartheid.
  • Nelsen Mandela gets elected as presedent of South africa

    Nelsen Mandela gets elected as president of south africa and is known as the first black president in the history of the country. This even in my opinion is the end of the history of the apartheid because after e is elected all the effects that the apartheid had Mandela works hard to get rid of.