cristiano ronaldo

By ceeap
  • birth

    born in Madeira, Portugal
  • begins

    his parents put a soccer school
  • early

    sporting lisbon discovered his talent
  • try debut

    try debut
    Laszlo Boloni the technician is in a great performance
  • Period: to

    Sporting de Lisboa

  • debuts

    Laszlo Boloni a year after it debuted in the chanpions Prei
  • Period: to

    manchester united

  • portugues team

    portugues team
    called him to the Portuguese
  • manchester united

    manchester united
    Manchester hired him
  • eurocopa 2004

    eurocopa 2004
  • world sub 20

    world sub 20
    participates in the World Cup sub-20
  • world cup 2006

    world cup 2006
  • Eurocopa 2008

    Eurocopa 2008
  • golden ball

    golden ball
    Golden Ball
  • golden boot

    golden boot
  • real madrid

    real madrid
    loing in real madrid
  • Period: to

    real madrid

  • world cup 2010

    world cup 2010
  • father

    announces that a parent