Country Music 1927-2000

  • Country Music Begins

    In Bristol, Tennesee Country music began. Although musicians had been recording fiddle tunes.
    This event is important because it changed the lives of many.
  • Queen of Country Music is born

    Virginia Hansley, who will later be called Patsey Cline, is born in Winchester. This is important because she later becomes the most influential female country artist of all time.
  • Elvis Presley Makes His Recording Debut

    Elvis Presley makes his recording debut on Sun Records with an electrifying mix of gospel, R&B, and Country tunes.
    This is a big part of country music because he was very famous and unforgettable at the time.
  • Cash Records for Sun

    Late in 1954, Johnny Cash does hgis first recoding sessions at Sun, singing "Wide Open Road" .
    This is oneof the exeptional dates of Country Music bacause this could be the reason he got so famous.
  • Elvis Launches Tour

    Elvis headlines his own country music tour.
    This is an imperitive date because it made him more famous.
  • Country Music Hall Of Fame

    The Country Music Hall of Fame is established. Its first three inductees are Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams.
    The Country Music Hall of Fame held our past events everyone needs to know.
  • Queen of Country Music Dies

    The Queen of country music dies in a plane crash.
    This tragic death was important because it was like everyone with Micheal Jackson. Everyone was shocked and heart-broken.
  • Dolly Parton Debuts

    Dolly Parton releases her first records "Happy Birthday Baby" and "Dumb Blonde" in 1966.
    This was an important time because she later becomes one of the most famous singers of country music.
  • Charley Pride Releases His First Single

    Charley Pride, the most succesful black man in country music releases his first single, "Snakes Crawl at Night.
    This huge date is important because the most famous black man in country music partly just started his career.
  • Racial Violence Closes the Opry

    Several Opry performances are cancelled for fear of racial violence in Nashville after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    This day made everyone scared to perform so they had to cancell the performances
  • Johnny Cash Show launches on ABC

    The Johnny Cash Show becomes a regular part of the ABC- T.V. line-up.
    On this day, more people were able to watch Johnny Cash, so that allowed him to become more famous.
  • Willie Nelson Begins a Texas Tradition

    Willie Nelson holds his first Fourth of July Picnic near Austin, Texas.
    That day was important because it started and was remembered as a tradition to do.
  • Travolta Stars in Urban Cowboy is Released

    This special time is remembered because it popularized western wear and country western dance across the country. Country music hits the urban mainstream.
  • Garth Brooks Makes His Mark

    Garth Brooks, the king of "stadium" country, scores his first big hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes." Brooks will be the dominant country musician of the next decade.
  • Bluegrass Returns with "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

    The T-Bone Burnett-produced original soundtrack to the popular film O Brother, Where Art Thou? becomes a surprise hit, signaling a popular revival of bluegrass and a return to traditionalism in country music.