• Western swing

    Type of music considerated as a country subgenre.
    In this epoc the most popular bands was The Light Crust Doughboys, Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies, y Spade Cooley and His Orchestra.
  • Bluegrass

    Musical type that have root in the traditional music of England, Irealand,Scotland.
    In 1939 Bill Monroe crated a band called the Blue Grass Boys this band was the key of this type.
  • Sound Nashville

    Type of country music that substitute the honky tonk, is the sund more popular since 1940-1950.
    "The Three Bells" The Browns, 1959
    Four Walls" Jim Reeves, 1960
    "He'll Have to Go" Jim Reeves"Last Date" Floyd Cramer, 1960
    "I Fall to Pieces" Patsy Cline, 1961
    "A Little Bitty Tear",
    "Call Me Mister In-Between",
    "It's Just My Funny Way of Laughin'" Burl Ives, 1962
    "The End of the World" Skeeter Davis, 1963
    "Here Comes My Baby" Dottie West, 1964
  • American

    Type musical establish in traditional music from United States.
    Gram Parsons considered the pioneer in this type.
  • Outlaw country

    Outlaw country
    Outlaw country was a strong trend in country music since the late 1960s, 1970s and even early 1980s.
    Jessi Colter and Sammi Smith was a principal girls that make oultaw country.
  • country rock

    country rock
    Type of music that mix rock music, country and hibilly music, blues and types traditionals.
    The band the birds are the "creators"
  • country pop

    Is a type country music with influences the music pop.
  • country folk

    country folk
    This type is a subgenre the country music and flok, generaly is a part the progressive country.
    One singer of this type is Bob Dylan.
  • Alternative country

    It is a term used to discribe various subgenres of country music that try to differentiate from the mainstream or pop it.
  • Honky tong

    Is a type music of pub with musical accompaniment typic of south United States.
  • Hibilly

    Is the basis of Bluegrass and Country.