Count of Monte Cristo

  • Dantés becomes captian of the Pharon

    This shows in his charicter that he is well liked.
  • Dantés is arrested and sent to prison

  • Period: to

    Dantés in Prison

    It is in this time that Dantés almost goes mad with grief and starts to hate others, somthing he never did before prison.
  • Dantés meets Faria

    This changes Dantés because Faria explains to him why he is in prison, planting the seeds of vengance
  • Faria Dies and Dantés escapes

    Dantés loses his "second father" further strengthing his resolve for vengace.
  • Dantés recovers the treasure

  • Count of Monte Cristo arives in Paris

    This showed that he had finaly finished his plot for revenge and now orcastrates it with exactness.
  • Albert Chalenges Monte Cristo to a duel

    Monte Cristo accepts showing that he is not afraid to fight, even when everyone knows its him.
  • Albert apoligises to Monte Cristo

    Monte Cristo accepts Alberts apology showing that he does still have some forgiveness in him.
  • Fernand commits suicide

  • Viliford goes mad

  • Danglers loses 5 milllion francs