Counseling Theories by Peggy Osborne

Timeline created by posborne09
  • Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory

    Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory
    Sigmund Freud
  • Adler's Individual Psychology

    Adler's Individual Psychology
    Alfred Adler
  • BT- Relaxation Training

    BT- Relaxation Training
    Early 1930's
    Edmund Jacobson
  • Person-Centered Therapy

    Person-Centered Therapy
    Started in the 1940's as nondirective counseling; became client-centered therapy in the 1950's; described the process of 'becoming ones experience' in the late 1950's- 1970's; finally became person-centered in 1980's- 1990's
    Carl Rodgers
  • FST- Multigeneraltional Family Therapy

    FST- Multigeneraltional Family Therapy
    Murray Bowen
  • BT- Exposure Therapies

    Began in the 1950's
  • Gestalt Therapy

    Gestalt Therapy
    Developed in the 1940's & 1950's; first introduced in publication of Gestalt Therapy in 1951
    Fritz Perls, Laura Perls, & Paul Goodman
  • Transactional Analysis

    Transactional Analysis
    Eric Berne
  • BT- Systematic Desensitation

    BT- Systematic Desensitation
    Joseph Wolpe
  • FST- Structural Family Therapy

    FST- Structural Family Therapy
    Salvador Minunchin
  • Feminist Theory

    1960's Jean Miller, Carolyn Enns, Olivia Espin, & Laura Brown
  • Choice Theory/ Reality Theory

    Choice Theory/ Reality Theory
    William Glasser & Robert Wubbolding
  • BT- Applied Behavioral Analysis

    Ivar Loovas & Robert Koegal
  • FST- Symbolic Experimental Family Therapy

    FST- Symbolic Experimental Family Therapy
    Carl Whitaker
  • FST- Structural Strategic Family Therapy

    FST- Structural Strategic Family Therapy
    Salvador Minunchin
  • PCT- Emotion Focused Therapy

    PCT- Emotion Focused Therapy
    Research was done over multiple decades; first information published in 1979
    Leslie Greenberg
  • PCT- Motivational Interviewing

    Early 1980's
    William Miller & Stephen Rollnick
  • BT- Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

    Early 1980's
  • PMT- Solution Focused Brief Therapy

    Early 1980's
    Insoo Kim Berg & Steve de Shazar
  • PMT- Narrative Therapy

    Micheal White & David Epston
  • BT- Dialectical Behavior Therapies

    BT- Dialectical Behavior Therapies
    Late 1980's
    Marsha Linehan
  • Post Modern Theory

    Different Contributers
  • BT- Eye Movement Desensitization

    BT- Eye Movement Desensitization
    Francine Shapiro
  • CBT- Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

    CBT- Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
    Albert Ellis
  • Period: to

    Existential Therapy

    Developed between the 1940's & 1950's
    Soren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Neitzsche, Viktor Frankl, & Rollo May
  • Period: to

    Behavioral Therapy

    Developed in the 1950's & early 1960's
    B. F. Skinner, Albert Bandura, & Arnold Lazarus
  • Period: to

    Cognitive Behavioral Theory

    Started in 1955 with REBT & continued through the 1960's
    Albert Ellis & Aaron Beck
  • Period: to

    BT- Social Learning Theory/ Social Cognitive Theory

    Social Learning Theory was developed in the 1960's & became Social Cognitve Theory in 1986
    Albert Bandura