By Huy123
  • First Costume seen/location

    A woman wearing a black jacket and a scarf. We cant really tell where the exact location is but it is obvious that it is somewhere outside at night time. Sounds of birds is what we can hear.
  • Period: to

    Costume + Setting change

  • Second costume seen/location

    Second costume seen/location
    At 00:17, The womans clothes is changed as she is seen as homeless. She is covering herself with bed sheets but she is wearing a hoody under it. The location is set in the park in daylight.
  • Same costume/different location

    Same costume/different location
    At 1:00, the location changes to Angel islington station. The woman is wearing the same clothes as expected because she is homeless. The lyrics are linked to the costume as it is telling a story about a woman struggling with life.
  • Third costume seen/ Fourth Location seen

    Third costume seen/ Fourth Location seen
    At 2:36, it is shown that the woman is standing in front of a mirror dressed as a prostitute. She is doing her makeup here and is getting ready to meet someone.
  • Same Costume/ Fifth location seen

    Same Costume/ Fifth location seen
    At 3:00, the woman is waiting to get picked up by a man in a car. The costume is the same as last time but she is in an isolated location.
  • Same costume/Sixth location seen

    Same costume/Sixth location seen
    At 3:36, the woman is at the mans house. House looks rich.
  • Same costume/ Seventh location

    Same costume/ Seventh location
    At 4:00, the woman walks back to her house and this is the last location seen.
  • Conclusion

    There are 7 locations seen in this video. The genre of this music video is folk in which it is slow paced, therefore not alot of locations are used in the video.The costumes stayed the same throughout most as it only changed about twice. This links to the lyrics of the song as it is about a woman whos on drugs and is homeless.