Continental Drift Theory

  • Abraham Ortelius

    Abraham was the first person to put forward the theory of how the continence once were conncected. He thought that this happend because of flooding and earthquakes. Abraham Ortelius was also the first person to draw a modern map.
  • Period: to

    Continental Drift Theory

  • 1756-1848

    Theodor Christoph Lilenthal, Alexander von Humboldt, and Franklin Coxworthy all had similar ideas about how once Europe, Americas, africa and other places once fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • J, Hutton

    He worked to help establish modern geology. He had theories that the plates moved because of heat under on ocean
  • Antonio Snider-Pellegrini

    Pellegrini was a french geographer, he also theorized about the possiblity of the continental drift. He believed that ther once was one continent, with one name: Pangaea. Pellegrini also authored a book called La Création et ses mystères dévoilés ("Creation and its Mysteries Unveiled"). The book was about his theory that the continents once were all connected during the Pennsylvanian Period. He based this theory on plant life, which were both found in Europe and United States.
  • Roberto Mantivani

    Mantivani published two theories about continental drift and the expansion of the earth. He believed that there was once one continent, but on a smaller Earth. He then believed that the continent broke appart into smaller continents, this happend because of thermal expansion.
  • William Henry PIckering

    William Henry Pickering was a American astronomer. He had a continental drift theory that the moon was once a part of the Earth, but then it broke off, it was connected to where the Pacific Ocean now lies. He also propsosed that because of the moon breaking off America, Africa, Asia and Europe once formed a super continent.
  • Frank Bursley Taylor

    Frank proposed that continental drift once happened, he believed that continental drift happend without expansion. He suggested that the continents were dragged towards the equator because of increased Luna gravity during the creatceous, thus forming the Himalayas and Alps on the southern faces.
  • Alfred Wegner

    Alfred Wegner was the first person to openly come up with the theory. He studied previous peoples theory about continental drift and came up with his own. He noticed that the different landmasses fit together like a jigsaw.
  • Alex Du Toit

    He put together information regarding wandering continents. He studied particluar feature in South Africa that were also present in South America.
  • Authur Holmes

    Authur also believed in the continental drift theory. He believed that the Earths mantle contained convection cells that dissipated radioactive heat and moved the crust at the surface.
  • Samuel Warren Carey

    He was an early advocate of the continental drift theory. He studied plate techtonics alot and came to the conclusion that the earth expanded. He created maps showing how the earth once looked, deep oceanic ridges.
  • Henry Hass

    Henry believed that the Earth's crust moved laterally away from long, volcanically active oceanic ridges. He only understood his ocean floor profiles across the North Pacific Ocean after Bruce the Great Global Rift, running along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.[3][4] Seafloor spreading. This was his theory of the continental drift.