Constitutional Era

  • John Dickonson completes the Articles of Confederation

  • Period: to

    Significant Events

  • Articles of Confederation ratified after NY and VI give up claim on Western territory

  • Treaty of Paris signed. Revolutionary War ends.

  • Congress approves Land Ordinance of 1785, setting down Western land policy.

  • Captain Daniel Shay leads farmers in an uprising against high taxes and unpayable debt.

  • Annapolis Convention begins and adjournes with little accomplished.

  • Shay's Rebellion broken by Massachusetts militia.

  • Philidelphia Convention begins.

  • Congress passes NW Ordinance of 1787, establishing state creation policy.

  • Constitution approved for submission to states.

  • Constitution ratified with ninth vote submitted by NH.

  • Virginia lends much needed support to the newly ratified Constitution.

  • First Congressional session held.

  • Washington elected as America's first president.

  • Madison aids in the passing of the Bill of Rights