Computers of History

  • First Computer

    First Computer
    First computer was announced to the public. ENIAC filled a giant room and used punchcards to compute.
  • Microsoft is Established

    Microsoft is Established
    Microsoft, a huge player in the world of computers and programming, was established at this time.
  • First Laptop is Built

    First Laptop is Built
    The innovative, original, unique idea was proposed by inventors in the eary 60s. You see now that Macbooks, Pcs, and other more advanced computers are taking over the industry
  • Apple was Founded

    Apple was Founded
    This was the day that Apple was founded. Eventually becoming the biggest computer manufacturer of all time.
  • First Apple Computer Goes On Sale - The Apple 1

    First Apple Computer Goes On Sale - The Apple 1
    This created important competition betweeen Microsoft, IBM, and other computer companies, sparking a new speed for developing computers
  • Microsoft Windows is Released

    Microsoft Windows is Released
    This is a very important event for all computers because it now gives them an easy, more functional operating system
  • First Touchscreen

    First Touchscreen
    Apple started looking into touchscreens and eventually created a small enough hardware to put into a computer, or a phone
  • The Iphone is Developed and Released

    The Iphone is Developed and Released
    The first iphone showed just how incredible the minds at Apple really were. A touchscreen, internet, games, and much more.
  • Windows Releases its First Phone

    Windows Releases its First Phone
    The first windows phone again started a new competition to create the best phones. The competition made the products cheap, amazing, and every product released was infinitely more advanced than the others
  • Steve Jobs Passes Away

    Steve Jobs Passes Away
    Steve Jobs, a visionary in computer technologies, passes away. Wednesday, October 5, 2011, many people gather poutside their local Apple stores and hold candles in mourning for "the visionary in the black turtleneck"