Computers in the 80s

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  • Minitel-First mass Web

    Minitel-First mass Web
    First introduced in small numbers experimentally in france in July 1980, the Minitel Terminal was a keyboard and screen connected to a central computing service via existing phone lines. By 1986 it had more than a million users. Users could post personal ads, shop, and chat much like the internet today. Link text
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    The 1980s

  • Commodore 64 introduced

    Commodore 64 introduced
    First shown at CES in 1982, the C64 would go on to sell several million units, more than any other model of personal computer to this day. It came with a keyboard and was one of the first widely adopted iterations of what recognize now as a computer. Link text
  • Flash Memory invented

    Flash Memory invented
    While working for the Toshiba corporation, Fujio Masuoka invents flash memory, which is differentiated by its speed and ease of reprogramming. Link text
  • CD-ROM is introduced

    CD-ROM is introduced
    The CD-ROM was developed from the Compact Disk, which was brought to market by Phillips and Sony two years prior for music distribution. Able to hold 500 MB of data, it was a huge leap in storage over floppy disks, which could hold only .5% of that. List text
  • GSM is established.

    GSM is established.
    Before the early 90s, civilian mobile phone networks were analog. in 1987, the European Community adopted the GSM, which established a digital cell phone protocol including SMS (text messaging)