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Timeline created by Destinee Jackson
In Music
  • Michael Jackson

    This man changed the game. He made pop music poppin. He is the reason my last name is jackson!! My family loves him. He was featured in many award shows that brought the music industry a lot of attention.
  • MTV

    1981 started music on MTV. One of the most watched channels still today. It played music in TV shows and movies that the current generation recognized
  • Moms generation

    in 1996 my mom was obsessed with Lil Kim, Tupac, Biggie, etc. Their music would start to appear on BET and on BET award shows, which then brought more attention to the artists because it was on National television
  • Spotify

    This made music accessible on our cell phones! It was easy to play music for parties and car rides and weddings and things in large crowds streaming right from your phone!
  • Streaming!

    This changed a lot within the last 3 years! You can now stream music with alexa, or Bluetooth! This will continue to evolve over the next decade