Computer Programming Languages

  • Plankalkul

    Created by Rasmus Lerdorf. Designed for engineering purposes, and means "Plan Calculus".
  • Period: to

    Programming Languages Timeline

  • Fortran

    Created by John Backus. Stands for the IBM mathematical FOrmula TRANslating system, and it was created for scientific and engineering applications.

    Created by Charles Katz. Does not stand for anything and was made to be an improvement over Fortran.
  • Lisp

    Created by Steve Russell, Timothy P. Hart, and Mike Levin. Stands for LISt Processing and was originally created to be a practical mathematical notation.

    Created by a committee of researchers, universities, and government. Stands for COmmon Business-Oriented Language and it was one of the first computer languages
  • RPG

    Created by IBM. Stands for Report Program Generator and made to copy punched card processing other programming languages used at the time.

    Created by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz. Stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Made to provide computer access to non-science students.
  • LOGO

    Created by Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert. Does not have an acronym and was made for education use and constructivist teaching.
  • B

    Created by Ken Thompson, does not stand for anything. Made to fit into the mini computers of the time.

    Created by Niklaus Wirth. Named after Blaise Pascal and made to encourage good programming practices such as data structuring.
  • C

    Created by Dennis Ritchie. It does not stand for anything and was made to be compatible with almost all CPU's
  • ML

    Created by Robin Milner. Stands for MetaLanguage and was made to to create proof tactics in the LCF Theorem Prover.
  • SQL

    Created by ISO/IEC. Stands for Standard Query Language and was designed for managing data in relational database management systems.
  • C++

    Created by Bjarne Stroustrup. Does not stand for anything and it was made to add on to the C language.
  • ADA

    Created by Jean Ichbiah. No acronym though it was named after Ada Lovelace, made to improve embedded and real-time systems.
  • Python

    Created by Guido van Rossum. Does not stand for anything and was made to emphasize code readability.
  • Visual Basic

    Created by Microsoft. Does not stand for anything and was made to be easy for users to learn.
  • Javascript

    Created by Communications Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. Does not stand for anything and used in browser to create dynamic and enhanced user interfaces on websites
  • Delphi

    Created by Borland. Does not stand for anything and was created for rapid application creation.
  • Java

    Created by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems. Does not stand for anything and was made to have very few dependencies on implementations.
  • PHP

    Created by Rasmus Lerdorf. Originally stood for Personaly Home Page and designed to produce dynamic webpages.