Programming Languages Timeline

  • Plankalkul

    Developer- Konrad Zuse
    Primary purpose- It was designed for engineering purposes.
    Full form- Plankalkül refers to a formal system for planning.
  • Fortran

    Developer- John Backus and IBM
    Primary purpose- It is primarily suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.
    Full form- Formula Translation

    Developer- Remington Rand
    Primary purpose- It was an early programming language for the UNIVAC I and UNIVAC II.
    Full form- Not an acronym
  • Lisp

    Developer- Steve Russell, Timothy P. Hart, and Mike Levin
    Primary purpose- It was designed for easy manipulation of data strings. It is a commonly used language for artificial intelligence (AI) programming
    Full form- List processing

    Developer- CODASYL, ANSI, and ISO
    Primary purpose- It is primarily used in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments.
    Full form- Common business-oriented language
  • RPG

    Developer- IBM
    Primary purpose- It was was built for heavyweight business applications.
    Full form- Report Program Generator

    Developer- John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz
    Primary purpose- It's design philosophy emphasizes ease of use.
    Full form- It stands for Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • LOGO

    Developer- Bolt, Beranek and Newman
    Primary purpose- Logo is widely known for its use of turtle graphics
    Full form- Not an acronym but derives from the Greek logos, meaning word or thought.
  • B

    Developer- Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie
    Primary purpose- B was designed for recursive, non-numeric, machine-independent applications, such as system and language software.
    Full form- It is derived from BCPL so the name may be the concentration of BCPL.

    Developer- Niklaus Wirth
    Primary purpose- As a small, efficient language intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring
    Full form- Not an acronym but It is named in honour of the French mathematician, philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal.
  • C

    Developer- Dennis Ritchie & Bell Labs
    Primary purpose- It was mainly developed as a system programming language to write an operating system.
    Full form- It is called C because it is based on the B programming language and C is what comes next on the alphabet.
  • ML

    Developer- Robin Milner and others at the University of Edinburgh
    Primary purpose- It is a statically-scoped functional programming language like Scheme. It is known for its use of the polymorphic Hindley–Milner type system.
    Full form- Meta Language
  • SQL

    Developer- ISO/IEC
    Primary purpose- It is particularly useful in handling structured data, i.e. data incorporating relations among entities and variables.
    Full form- Structured query language
  • ADA

    Developer- Jean Ichbiah, and S. Tucker Taft
    Primary purpose- It was designed to decrease the number of programming languages that United States Department of Defense use.
    Full form- Ada was named after Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer.
  • C++

    Developer- ISO/IEC JTC1 (Joint Technical Committee 1) / SC22 (Subcommittee 22) / WG21 (Working Group 21)
    Primary purpose- It helps programmers write fast, portable programs. In addition to facilities for low-level memory manipulation.
    Full form- It is an extension of the C programming language. That's why it is a C with two addition signs.
  • Python

    Developer- Python Software Foundation
    Primary purpose- It was aimed to help programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects.
    Full form- It was named after after the television show Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Visual Basic

    Visual Basic
    Developer- Microsoft
    Primary purpose- Microsoft intended Visual Basic to be relatively easy to learn and use.
    Full form- Visual Basic was derived from BASIC. That's why the word "basic" is still on the name.
  • Delphi

    Developer- Borland
    Primary purpose- It is for rapid application development of desktop, mobile, web, and console software
    Full form- Not an acronym
  • Java

    Developer- Sun Microsystems
    Primary purpose- It is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.
    Full form- Not an acronym
  • Javascript

    Developer- Netscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, Ecma International
    Primary purpose- is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else.
    Full form- Not an acronym but can be written as JS.
  • PHP

    Developer- The PHP Development Team, Zend Technologies
    Primary purpose- It was originally designed for web development.
    Full form- Personal Home Page