Computer Programming Languages

  • Plankalkul

    (Plan Calculus)
    Who- Konrad Zuse
    This was the first high level programming language

    Who- Charles Katz
    Used as an improved version of FORTRAN.
  • Fortran

    (Formula Translation)
    Who- John Backus (IBM)
    Used to perform floating-point benchmark tests on new computer processors.
  • LISP

    (List Processing)
    Who- Steve Russell
    Used as a practical math notation for computer programs.

    (Common Business Oriented Language)
    Who- IBM, Grace Hopper along with other computer professionals
    Designed for business and finance
  • RPG

    (Report Program Generator)
    Who- IBM
    Used for business applications.

    (Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
    Who- John Kemeny & Thomas Kurtz
    Used as a tool for teaching how to right programs to students.
  • LOGO

    Who- Wally Feurzeig & Seymour Papert
    This is a dialect of LISP and is used as a tool for learning.
  • B

    Who- Dennis Ritchie & K.L. Thompson
    Designed for non- numeric sytem programming.

    Who- Niklaus Writh
    Used to teach good programming tactics to students.
  • C

    Who- Dennis Ritchie
    Intended for writing system software.
  • ML

    Who- Robin Milner
    Used to develop proof tactics in the LCF theorem prover.
  • SQL

    (Structured Query Language)
    Who- Raymond Boyce & Donald Chamberlin (IBM)
    Used for relational database management and data manipulation.
  • ADA

    Named ADA in honor of Augusta Ada Lovelace
    Who- Team led by Jean Ichbiah
    Designed to be a general purpose programming language for everything.
  • C++

    Who- Bjarne Stroustrup
    Created to surpass program language C. Added new features.
  • Python

    Who- Guido von Rossum
    Used for processing txt, numbers, images, scientific data etc.
  • Visual Basics

    Who- Microsoft
    Used to create different programs/ advanced applications and used as a beginners block for learners.
  • Java

    Who- James Gosling & other computer professionals
    Written to allow developers to "write once, Run everywhere".
  • Delphi

    Who- Borland (Windows Developement System)
    It is an extension of the Pascal programming language.
  • Javascript

    Who- Netscape Developer Brendan Eich
    Used to enhance HTML pages.
  • PHP

    (Personnel Home Page, or Hypertxt Preprocessor)
    Who- Rasmus Lerdof
    Used for web developement.