Computer Inventions - 2010's

By Komak19
  • IBM Watson was Introduced

    IBM Watson was Introduced
    IBM Watson is a software, created by IBM Research. It is known as DeepQA, a question answering software that was created to find answers to questions asked in everyday language, not based on just keywords. It went on to the game show, Jeopardy, and was able to win 70% of the game against the two biggest champions. Today IBM Watson is mostly used in healthcare, like Anthem, for their online chat for customer service inquiries.
  • The first Raspberry Pi launched

    The first Raspberry Pi launched
    Raspberry Pi is created by a UK charity called the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is a single board computer that runs Linux. It was created to educate people on computing and can be used for learning how to code, programming projects, home automation, create VPNs and more. It is known to be very affordable, the most expensive version is only $75. Today there are now 14 versions available.
  • Apple Watch Launched

    Apple Watch Launched
    The Apple Watch was created by Apple under CEO Tim Cook. The smart watch had wifi and bluetooth abilities and paired with your cell phone. It had a touchscreen, heart rate monitor and came in two sizes. Although it was not the first smart watch on the market, it definitely quickly took over and has been dominating ever since. The most recent Apple Watch was launched in 2020 and is the 6th series. Source:
  • HTC VIVE is Released

    HTC VIVE is Released
    HTC released the first VR gaming headset that had sensor-based tracking. This allowed the user to freely play in an open area with wireless controllers. It was created by phone manufacturer HTC and software developer Valve Corp. To be used, it not only required a PC, but it had to have a very powerful graphics card, as well.
  • Nvidia Unveiled Quadro RTX

    Nvidia Unveiled Quadro RTX
    Nvidia and CEO Jensen Huang revealed its first ray tracing GPU. This revolutionized the graphics card industry and arguably made any other GPUs obsolete at the time. It creates realistic scenes with shadows and light reflections in real time, essentially mimicking the real behavior of light. You can most notice this visual in games such as, Call of Duty, Battlefield V, Fortnite and Minecraft.